Volcanoes Goreliy and Mutnovsky



Mutnovsky volcano
is one of the major in Mutnovskaya-Gorelovsky group of volcanoes, located 75 kilometers south of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. This is a complex volcanic massif height 2323 m above sea level, with strong fumarolic fields with quaint buildings of the volcanic sulfur up to 2.5 m and a diameter of 5 m, with the formation of rare minerals from the glaciers and lakes. Not far from active craters, hot springs are located – the North Mutnovsky Summer. River Vulcan, leaving a crater, forming a waterfall 80 m high and forms a deep canyon of loose sediments, “Dangerous.” The combination of these features gives Mutnovsky volcano is unique and allows us to consider it on a par with the most outstanding termoexertion world.

Gorely volcano
is a chain of 11 craters superimposed on each other, with lakes, fumaroles, as well as many (40) side of cinder cones with lava flows. The structure of the volcano involves two buildings – ancient and modern. The ancient building has a shield-shaped form. At its center is a caldera measuring 13 by 12 kilometers. The current building occupies the central part of the caldera and consists of three fused cones, which are in the form of elongated ridge in the north-west direction. The absolute height of the volcano is 1829 m above sea level.


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