Volcano Tolbachik

Volcanoes and Hot Tolbachik Flat Tolbachik form a large volcanic massif that occupies the entire south-western part of the Klyuchevskaya volcano group. This is a stratovolcano with two interlocking characteristics of the structure, morphology, and is quite independent centers of eruption.
Vulcan Flat Tolbachik Sharp introduced the volcano Tolbachik stratovolcano has a sharp, icy summit. The southeastern part of the summit represented a major collapse of public circus. The lower part of it is covered thick cover of ice and firn, which spread to the western part of Plosky Tolbachik. From the circus has its origins in distinct relief Schmidt Glacier, coming down on the southern slopes of the volcano. Volcano is not active.
Vulcan Flat Tolbachik stratovolcano about the same as the Sharp Tolbachik, but acting. The volcano in the active stage is rare, but a long time. Significant breaks between powerful eruptions – one of the features of the volcano.
But the most characteristic feature of the volcano – liquid lava. These lavas at other active volcanoes in Kamchatka, and in other places there, and they largely resemble a lava volcanoes of Hawaii. Lava unusually thin and, therefore, have low viscosity. This will determine the nature of volcanic products, which are also unusual.
Volcano Flat Tolbachik complex interbedded lava and slag, cut through radial dikes. Its top is cut off Hawaii type caldera 3 km in diameter, has the form of a mountain plateau. Prior to the eruption of 1975-1976 in the western part of the peaks observed active crater pit diameter of 350 m and a depth of 150-180 m during the Great Tolbachic fissure eruption in 1975 in this part of the top there was a major failure, and formed a new crater with a diameter of 1700-1800 m and a depth of 450-500 m in the first two years after the eruption, and its formation was noted at the bottom of the crater lake of turquoise and numerous fumaroles along its shores and in the lower parts of its steep walls.


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