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aboutkamb3Kamchatka – one of the few regions in the world, whose nature is preserved almost in its natural, wild state. Green forests, the grandeur of mountain ranges, a mosaic of lakes, blue ribbons of rivers – and there are no settlements in the tens or hundreds of kilometers.

Bears, one of the largest in the world, fantastic shapes of volcanoes, healing hot springs, geysers, bubbling cauldron, multimeter snow and glaciers – all side by side, side by side. Not for nothing Kamchatka called the country of contrasts, a land of ice and fire.

Kamchatka, surrounded by seas and oceans, with many rivers and lakes have long been known for its fish wealth. In the seas surrounding the peninsula, teeming with over 500 species of fish. In the Bering Sea they found 394 species in the Okhotsk – 270, and 112 species are common to both seas. In the waters of the Pacific species composition has varied. Many fish species are of commercial importance. Of these, above all, it should be noted all kinds of Pacific salmon, herring, cod, pollock, saffron cod, flounder, greenling, smelt, gobies, capelin, halibut, sea bass, grenadier, and others.

aboutkamb1About 100 thousand large and small lakes of Kamchatka, 14 thousand rivers and streams are filled with clean drinking water. In the central part of the peninsula on its western coast, from the heights of the ridge Ganalsky carries its transparent and swift water river Great, got its name because that is formed by the confluence of fast, Plotnikova, Goltsovka and streams and is one of the biggest rivers of Kamchatka. Its length is 275 km, basin area of 10,800 km. River is good for sport and recreational fisheries, as for her to spawn all kinds of precious and Pacific salmon, char and grayling. Kamchatka – the last major region of the world, where conditions remain the natural reproduction of salmon, and which is regarded as a global reserve of the gene pool of wild salmon. Therefore, without exaggeration be called our corner of the Earth’s fishing paradise.

The article draws the book Lobkova EG “Kamchatka. World Natural Heritage”.


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