ГербSettling and studying of Kamchatka begins with Cossack campaigns and scientific and round-the-world expeditions of the XVII-XVIII centuries. The first written news about the Kamchatka peninsula were received in 1697-1699 when Vladimir Atlasov visited the rivers Palana, Tigil, Hayryuzova, Icha, was in three days of traveling from the river Ozernay, on the river Kamchatka put the Verkhnekamchatsky jail. In 1699 the wooden cross in the river Kanuch mouth as a sign of accession of Kamchatka to Russia was delivered to them. In September, 1703 the group of Cossacks on boats went down for the first time down the river Avacha to its mouth and it appeared on lip coast where lived intelmens.

БухтаRussian pioneers not on advantage estimated at once greatness of the Avachinsky bay as sea harbor. It is known that in the summer of 1740 during the First Kamchatka expedition, following Vitus Bering’s instructions on research of the Avachinsky bay and a choice there convenient harbor for wintering of the forwarding ships, the participant of expedition Ivan Fomich Yelagin preferred a small convenient bay on East side of a bay. The bay was the fine, convenient harbor reliably covered for excitement and provided with fresh water of numerous mountain keys. The relief of surrounding coast turning harbor into a natural fortress, proximity of the mouth of the river Avacha – all these circumstances played a pivotal role in definition of a site of future port.

On October 6, 1740 to the Avachinsky bay there arrived the ships «Sacred apostle Peter» and «Sacred apostle Pavel» under Vitus Bering and Alexey Chirikov’s command. This date is considered a City Day of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In the first year of its basis extensive construction works here were developed, and in 1741 S. P. Krasheninnikov wrote that Petropavlovsk consists of “the best houses with a magnificent structure of the Kamchatka expedition, and as churches”. However after the decree of 1743 about the completion of activity of the second expedition of Bering Petropavlovsk in essence stops the rapid development, and only thanks to the convenient situation as intermediate base between Okhotsky where vessels were under construction and equipped, and northern trade regions of the Pacific Ocean the city didn’t stop the existence.

XVIII векThe all the XVIII century Petropavlovsk represented the village with several houses, and only by the end of the XVIII century, in connection with D. Cook and F.Laperuz’s English and French round-the-world expeditions, Russian government seriously realized strategic and political value of the Peter and Paul port, attempts to transformation of the small settlement into port fortress are undertaken. During this period there were territorial borders of the city.

Морской вокзалEssential changes in life of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky occurred at the beginning of the XIX century in connection with intensive development of the Russian-American company and the organization of Russian sea round-the-world expeditions. Passing through the Peter and Paul port well-known Russian round-the-world travel presented to Russia and the world great geographical opening and great names. At the beginning of the XIX century the Avachinsky bay found glory of one of the best harbors of the world.

Serious measures for construction of the port city are undertaken in activity on Kamchatka her chief, the captain of the I rank P.I.Rikorda (1816-1822). At this time the first is carried out отсыпка parts of the coast of the Peter and Paul harbor, reconstruction of the wooden mooring on its northern coast, buildings of hospital, barracks are under construction, inhabited and state houses, craft school, start to be formed the first city streets.

From now on to Petropavlovsk vessels under flags of the various states even more often visit. The government of Russia was disturbed, therefore there was a Decree from the September 4, 1821, declaring Peter and Paul port closed for foreigners.

Батарея МаксутоваIn days of a governorship on Kamchatka the major general V. S. Zavoyko (1849-1855) the Peter and Paul port becomes a fortress. Just at this time, at the height of the Crimean war, on August 18, 1854 the connected Anglo-French squadron entered into the Avachinsky bay as a part of three frigates, a corvette, a brig and one big steamship. Hostilities which immortalized names of defenders of Petropavlovsk began and dishonored English-French. Petropavlovsk honors the heroes: about it tell monuments “Glory”, «A.Maksutov’s third tool», the memorial Chapel complex, the recreated model «A.Maksutov’s deadly tool» – all of them are in a battle-ground in August, 1854.

By the beginning of Great October revolution the Kamchatka area founded in 1909, represented the vast country in the area about 1360 thousand sq.km. Besides a peninsular part it included Chukotka and Okhotsky coast. Population in area reached 34 500 people, generally – representatives of indigenous peoples of the North. Literacy of the population didn’t exceed 6-7 percent. In 1917 in area 44 elementary schools operated. Fishery which almost entirely held foreign, mainly Japanese, businessmen gave the main share of industrial production.

By 60th years in Petropavlovsk there are large construction organizations, furniture factory, the higher education institutions, average and special educational institutions, the drama theater opens.

Ночной городFrom the moment of the first arrival of Russian settlers and up to now to historical measures of time passed not much but as a lot of things changed. Kamchatka became not at once hospitable and kind for those who came to its earth. Many mistakes were made and many victories are gained, before Earth Kamchatka accepted those who so long looked for it favor.

In the history of Petropavlovsk there were take-off and the falling. Nowadays the city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – one of the large industrial, scientific, cultural centers of the Far East.


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