The flora of Kamchatka is caused by a number of important factors: a geographical position of the territory, influence of humid oceanic climate, mainly mountainous terrain, history of development of landscapes, strong influence of a volcanism and the phenomena accompanying it.

rastworldb1Thanks to the geographical position in the extreme northeast of the Asian continent and extent from the northeast on the southwest on 1 600 km is in two climatic belts. A continental part – Koryak uplands and a northern part of the Kamchatka peninsula are in a belt of subarctic climate. Tundra landscapes here prevail and the forest-tundra are more rare. The vegetation is presented by mosses, lichens, grassy groups. As a part of bushes the main place belongs to alder and cedar stlanik, and also shrubby and dwarfish types of willows and birches. On valleys of the rivers bosks from an undersized birch meet. In the western part of the region redkostoyny listvennichnik meet.

The main part of the Kamchatka peninsula is in a belt of a temperate climate and is characterized by prevalence of wood landscapes. The main lesoobrazuyushchy breed is the birch stone (Ehrman). Kamennoberyozovye of the wood more often rarefied, park, with an underbrush from bushes (a mountain ash buzinolistny, a dogrose, a honeysuckle blue and Shamisso’s honeysuckle, a juniper) and a dense grassy cover. On valleys of the rivers bosks from a birch of white (ploskolistny) meet. The inundated woods consist generally of several types of the alder, several types of willows, including a poplar fragrant, bird cherries Asian, a hawthorn Kamchatka, mountain ashes Kamchatka. Only in a valley of the river Kamchatka the aspen meets.

rastworldb2Coniferous forests are located, mainly, in the Central Kamchatka lowland and consist of a fir-tree and a larch in the pure and mixed plantings. As impurity there can be white and stone birches. Small sites fir-tree лиственничных the woods are available near the Kronotsky lake, and redkostoyny listvennichnik – near the river Watchman on east coast and in a riverhead Tigil in the West.

Mountain character of a relief of the Kamchatka peninsula causes existence of a vertical poyasnost in vegetation distribution. The vertical poyasnost is most accurately expressed in the central part of the peninsula at feet of Median and East ridges. The belt of the woods doesn’t rise above 550-850 m above sea level. The bottom belt is made by the fir and listvennichny forests, and stone birch forests above grow. At height of 800-900 m the belt of subalpine bushes from alder and cedar stlanik with fragments of the Alpine meadows is located. The mountain tundra and loaches above are located. On the highest points of mountain tops eternal snow lie.

rastworldb3A peculiar orography, history of a geological structure and the cold seas washing Kamchatka create conditions for development of intrazonalny type of vegetation, as, for example, the grassy and kustarnichkovy boggy tundra located on the western coast. Background (landscape) grassy plants, in connection with short summer, and also thanks to the abundance, give a flower large quantity in a short time. There are color effects, worthy admiration. Waves of color replace and supplement each other on the Kamchatka open spaces.

The great influence on development of vegetation renders a volcanism. At feet of volcanoes the natural vertical poyasnost is broken. More often in regions of an active volcanism breeds, the most tolerant to volcanic influence grow. So, for example, the foot of the Klyuchevsky volcano, in a zone of distribution of subalpine bushes, practically has no cedar stlanik, as the most vulnerable at volcanic influence. A little cedar stlanik on all east volcanic zone. But at the same time there are also such natural oases, as the Valley of geysers and Uzon’s caldera. Among treeless space of the mountain tundra of a volcanic plateau in a kalderny depression with warm and hot lakes the wood vegetation (birch bosks, thickets of the alder and cedar stlanik, dense grassy vegetation) perfectly feels.


Flowering of the mountain tundra is better to manage for admiring prior to the beginning of the second week of August. Golden Rhododendron aureum and a rhododendron the Kamchatka Rododendron camtschaticum, vetrenitsa of Anemone, a stone of withdrawal pains of Saxifraga, and also the well-known Kamchatka mytnik of Pedicularis are very good blossoming a rhododendron.

The autumn on Kamchatka is exclusively beautiful. Peak of golden autumn usually прихо¬дится on the middle on September (13 — 18). As a rule, these days there is a sunny dry weather.


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